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What Should I Say?

It was about a year ago when a colleague raised this question over lunch: “What should I say when I am in a date and the guy in front of me doesn’t stop bragging himself about everything?”. Maybe those weren’t her exactly words but you got the idea. We started making jokes about what we could say in those awkward moments and one of the first thoughts from the group was “We should make an App for that!”, so we did…

We were trying out and learning some different technologies (Ionic and Firebase), the app idea was basically an excuse to apply some of the learning into some more concrete.

Two days later everybody was doing something else. Anybody that was a little bit involved was already focused on something else and definitely more important, including myself… but we had something functional.

A few weeks ago, I was searching my computer for things a left behind… I hate having incomplete things laying around, so I’ve polished what we’ve done in those couple days and decided to publish to the Play Store.

You can also find it on-line here: http://www.what-should-i-say.com

I hope you have fun looking at those phrases and also add your jokes so everybody can laugh together!!!

Android app on Google Play

One more thing, the code is very simple and don’t pay much attention to good design practices but you can have fun with it anyways on github.