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Being a generalist sucks

Yeah, it sucks! …and now that I have your attention I can say it is also cool and I am pretty sure I could not have invented myself too differently…

From the past few years I have worked on many different fronts… maybe not so many, but still. I don’t consider myself specialist in any of those areas and this is where it sucks. Few times I caught myself thinking about writing a new post here and getting demotivated in the next second with the thought that I don’t know the topic enough to write about it.

Around one year and a half ago, one of the leads on my team asked me what I considered myself a rock star on… crickets… I wanted to say I was an AngularJS rock star because I was very excited by that framework back there, but I couldn’t I haven’t worked enough with it to say it, although I was competent enough. I wanted to say I was an Android expert, but my Android Developer experience had started only a few months back and I already knew that even being a Java developer for many years that didn’t make me an Android expert.

RĂ¡! Java, I know a lot of Java… well, I know Java 6 a lot and, at that point in time, Java 8 was being released and I didn’t know sh*t about it :( I was very frustrated but at the same time it made me think about some cool stuff I already had worked on and I was glad I had and have the opportunity to touch a few different things around technology.

I started my IT life as a Tech Support guys, made my way to Infrastructure Service, even got my Linux certification at some point back there… pivot my interests into development and started as tester. I was very happy to apply my previous learnings within that role and I finally started as a developer after that. I could work with a few different flavors of Java, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Android Groovy, Bash - oh BASH, I still love to write scripts in BASH - and for every different language a new ecosystem had to be learnt and mastered… So I figured I didn’t have the time to become an specialist but I was happy that I had the opportunity to experiment different things.

I still don’t consider myself an specialist but I am currently working on somethings that I am enjoying and as so, I will try to write more about them because being a generalist sucks, but it is not so bad! :)