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One Month Playing With Calatrava

Last month we started a study group around mobile subject here at ThoughtWorks, Porto Alegre office. It is being great for the group to grow up and learn how software development for mobile platform looks like: different challenges and different way of think software development. Most of us in the group are mainly Web developers.

Well, the group decided to give a chance to Calatrava - which is a very interesting project also started within ThoughtWorks and create a simple To Do app to exercise the framework. Quoting them:

Calatrava is a cross-platform mobile framework that lets you share the core logic of your application across iOS, Android and Mobile Web, but unlike other XP toolkits it allows you to always write the highest quality native UI you need.

Although the framework still on a early stage I got very impressed by the things I could made with it and want to share some screens with you.

These are my first Android and iOS apps! \o/
All sharing the same WebView with same Coffee/JavaScript ‘backend’ code!
Check the source on Github.